Much can be heard in different circles of believers about the function of or the working of the Body of Christ/Bride of Christ. The newly formed clans of New Testament believers were never thought of in hierarchal form, but in a self-sustaining group of nourished believers. It never was set up around one man and growing the group larger, but to feed each believer within. The original intention was for each part of the body to feed the body. Understand this is not a set up or platform for debate, but to share what the Lord places on my heart about it. My calling is to the Body and how He speaks a word to other believers and their leaders.

Are we not highly limited striving to convince others to join our bend or theological leanings? How is each of us DESIGNED to feed the Body? Should we not be bringing petitions before Holy Spirit to find out what He wants? What could be a better form of destiny than have the Spirit lead you/inspire you to find what He wants today? I truly see the Body best served when believers are overflowing with him BEFORE the meeting even starts! We are designed for spillover! Doesn’t mean it’s always achieved, but for far too many believers, it isn’t even on their mind. They often go to church ‘to get filled up’, when in reality it should be a time of abundant spillover.

In looking how Jesus lived, He never looked to become filled…He just needed recovery time to receive more. We have often heard it said at Christmas time, it is better to give than to receive. Within the Body, our thinking needs to shift from getting filled up to giving. We do need times of refreshing, renewal, and deep worship. Rest, time in the Word, and these other elements are not overlooked here. There are times when we need a word, some good worship, and some time to receive. We each fill a role in the Body designed to give to the Body, and for the Body.

Notice further in the life of Jesus that He did not give openly all the time. His Father told him when to do what. In some respects I like the phrase ‘you can’t out give God’, but you can struggle to pay for things He never ordered! There is a snippet that He gave me recently, it is… The Body is designed to bring food, not sneak it! It is important that we seek Him to find out what He wants to invest in. We are really not designed to be followers, but seekers. Before Jesus was in the manger, there were three wise men seeking Him! Cloud by day, fire by night, and the star or all physical manifestations of seeking Holy Spirit. While we are designed to bring food, we aren’t supposed to set up a grocery store.

Every part of the Body is unique unto itself – each part has its own duties, and cannot do another parts duties – only supporting the other parts and encouraging the journey. We all know story David and Goliath. David comes in from the sheep herding and starts talking to King Saul. Saul says to him ‘hey boy, this guy is 10 feet tall and you ain’t. You’re gonna need some of my armor.’ Some Jeff translation for your enjoyment. Notice God did not have David where someone else’s armor to fight the battle. The Body of Christ is very similar. 1 Corinthians 12:29-30 says “Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?”

If we get too enamored with others gifting’s, we cheapen the ones He gave us. Undoubtedly some part of our journey will be discovering who we are in the Body. Any time the focus is on people and ministries, it takes away from Him. It should always be at the Holy Spirit will affirm what anyone speaks into our life. It should never have any flavor from their food! While good teaching helps, good learning is better. Everything real comes from the Spirit! All the food that we bring to the Body should be overflow from the Holy Spirit. If you try to take on too many of the above seven gifting’s, the enemy will oblige in keeping you busy. I’m going to have to amen that one myself! In summary, we are designed to fulfill our role in the Body and support others in their role of the Body.

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