The greatest love that exists in all of life is in what Christ did for us. He died with no benefit for Himself doing the ultimate selfless act. The Father in His will saw that giving up His Son (who could have lived forever on earth?) gave every human being access to relationship with their heavenly Father!! If not said sacrilegious(ly), Jesus was anxious to do one thing… give away love! He found female Samaritans, prostitutes, short tax cheats (and a regular one for His 12!), and many other societal outcasts! The true love of Christ overcomes all boundaries and obstacles. In most churches today that would be a problem! “He must be emotionally imbalanced” or “He must be receiving tithe and getting rich, look how He has drawn in all these money guys” or “look at this collection of outcasts, good luck getting them all into the Temple!”.

In our love relationship with Jesus we are afraid to ‘be a mess’. We have to pull it together so we don’t look bad at church or with our friends. We have to be able to genuinely smile and say how great things are going, etc. One ‘not so deep’ reason that True Love through Him has not taken over the earth is…people are stupid! Let’s face reality, ‘there be’ stupid everywhere (some of it even has holy names on it)! You can’t see this on paper, but I paused there for about 30 seconds to raise my hand. I have even agreed to stupid things so dumb that by the time I saw it written on my forehead even that was backwards!! We often try creating something instead of just worshipping Him. Maybe we create to hide our blemishes…our problems.

What if the people at the tower of Babel had just loved instead? Could you imagine how much less work would be involved in spreading the Gospel without any language differences? Think about the huge task it has been for hundreds of years in translating the Bible into the languages. Those in that day could not have foreseen the impact of their idolatry. Just some holy wondering here, but I wonder if the opposite of love is really idolatry first. Could it be that idolatry traps our heart first and develops into hatred? Not that this can be proven, but I further wonder if this act of idolatry shaped human history second only to Adams whoopsie (the Cross aside). Can you imagine what humanity missed by the languages increasing? What if love had gripped them to worship the Creator forever changing history?

I see a relationship through Him to Jesus that flows on to every believer. IT is foundational for true Church, the gifts of the Spirit, and all that is the Gospel! Love came through Jesus as the foundation for salvation (hello simple man John 3:16), all true freedom (set in each person’s heart), and even natural human love. I sometimes wonder if Jesus had not come how human love survived another 2000 years!! Humanity still nearly wiped itself out in the process. I am sure I am not the only person reading this that has been in a church that has more mean than love. Judging ain’t no gift of the Spirit! If love is the foundation of our lives, does He want defenders or lovers? In the last days what does He say will happen? “…the love of most will grow cold” (Matt 24:12 NIV).

What is the veracity of love (the habit of Truth)? In other words, what do we sow for the reaping of His love? When I think of the word veracity I see a driven-ness with it! He places love in our spirits for others to receive. He cultivates love for others in us when we come to Him and lay all that gets in the way at the Cross! Veracity for a believer is faithfulness, righteousness, and Truth. What we need is love pushing that in us! If anything else drives the veracity of our faith we end up like many in a Defenders of the First (any name here) Church (if you don’t believe this way, why are you here?). Maybe you have wanted to feel safe and protected at Thine Eminent Shelter House of God. Without love we all create idolatry in our churches…you know…Grace in Your Face Baptist style! He doesn’t need kingdom built, He needs lovers wanting to love!

Ephesians 1:4 at the end into verse 5…”…in love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ…”. That means everything that IS roots in absolute love first. Our faith, salvation, adoption, predestination, anything that IS roots in love!! Love sounds easy doesn’t it? Let us face what we are…fickle. We can’t go on feelings, yet we feel Holy Spirit when He comes. We can’t live on common sense, whose shall we follow? Anything not fueled by His love is prone to the same…failure. Our love for people should be obvious to the casual observer, but often we are distracted in our own little world of struggle. It is why brethren, He clears out space in our heart for only Him (who is all love). He needs that space to have overflow for others and even a good love for ourselves.

In my own journey I see an increase in the need to love others more. Love opens doors to people’s hearts to see what He sees in them. He wants to show us all He wants to do for others, but we must ask to see what He sees…not to get credit for what we have done for Him. I declare for each one reading this your love in Him overflow and you receive a revelation in Him that increases! I pray His love find you where you are today and seize your heart!!!














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