Veracity is one of those prism words that reflects meanings dependent on your view. My favorite meaning for this thread is ‘habitual truthfulness’. The example uses a person running for political office, but let’s focus on love instead! We all can think of a person we know who seems to thrive on the drive. A motivation that even we can’t quite grasp why! A good example is Olympic sports. Many of us enjoy the Olympics for different reasons, some of us are not even big sports fans. I purport that anytime your mix love of country and sports you can gather a good crowd. Add personal interest stories and bylines for good measure. These athletes have a habit of performance in their training that has created an ability to perform at high levels…a piece of art in motion. Every sports fan remembers the beauty of Michael Jordan full speed in 3 steps planting his leaping step on the top of the key and flying through the air to slam dunk! I am still at best a casual basketball fan, but he was something to watch in his prime. He had a habit of more than performance, it was a habit of greatness! Anyone who knows anything about him knows one thing for sure: the man had a driven-ness. We are called as believers to have that drive in our veracity!

Many church goers would say that habitual truthfulness comes from reading the Word…I disagree here. Habitual truthfulness comes in our habit of relationship in Him. It cannot be in any task that is affected by our past spiritual tutoring or ‘church’. It can only come in our prayer closet, our quiet time with Him. Most believers regurgitate something they have been taught and have yet to hear or receive anything from Him directly! Ok, stepping off of your spiritual toes now. It points back to an all-time favorite song of mine…the song is hardcore truth and fun. “You can only possess what you experience, you can only possess what you experience, Truth to be understood, must be lived, you can…” are words by Charlie Peacock. What is funny to me now is that when I was really into that song originally I had experienced very little truthfulness. I possessed no knowledge or experience in the Holy Spirit! Ironically most ‘Trinitarians’ do not live a 3 fold life. Sadly, most do not believe He heals today, which is the #1 thing Jesus did in His ministry. If I keep going here some will say I have lost my mind…I say good, it has led me astray most of my life anyway until Holy Spirit took full control!

Speaking of the mind, the entirety of this thread funnels through it! Like it or not the Holy Spirit needs a good mind to work through…and a good heart. Jesus knew how the Pharisee’s thought because it was their heart. How did it get into their heart? Through their thinking, their minds absorbing it listening to other brainstems! This was the way Satan warped the Pharisees, by taking a ‘good’ thing and wearing it out! You like the Ten Commandments? Let’s add hundreds more to make it ‘better’! This is why the Bible is clear to ‘renew your mind in Christ’. It is so our hearts can receive better things to be filled with. What fills our minds will eventually trickle down to our hearts. For those old enough to remember the 80’s political scene, this is a truthfulness of trickle-down economics! It is a control the minds, control the hearts war that every human has around them. The Enemy of God wants to steer our mind to gain control of our hearts (and the spirit follows).

The mind and heart are in relationship. When we hear from Him He speaks to our mind and heart together, it is the warmth of the Holy Spirit we can actually ‘feel’ sometimes. He doesn’t want us to renew our minds to ‘toe the line’, but to be in better relationship with His voice (that is a shout out praise moment there!). Every mental health issue is just an attack of the enemy, all because he hates us (because he hates God). The mind and heart are no longer in a positive relationship, but actually the mind turns against the heart negatively. Forms of this are religiousness, self-righteousness, hatred, and really any extreme deviation from His ultimate relationship of Holy Spirit and mankind.

Have you ever been around a person who continually speaks of problems and expresses an overall negative tone? I not only have met plenty, I have worn the black coat a few times. We have all been drama kings and queens for a day in our life…haven’t we? For those who know me or the writing vibe, ‘hey that reminds me of a song!’ “There was a black flag on my morning, there was a black flag on my day, there was a black flag on everything around me and I was walking backwards again…” (King’s X-‘Black Flag’). Not to be forgotten in this mind and heart is an evil accomplice…aaahhhh yes…that declarer of doom and despair…the tongue! Our heart cannot hide what our tongue confesses. By the time a negative confession rolls off the tongue it has all traveled through several spheres of influence.

It only takes one bad confession to affect our whole day. Are we speaking life or death into our lives? I know that I talk into things that should have been left alone. I am so frustrated with myself when I do that and have to repent quickly to move on or it bites me in the rear. The fruit of our words have power to shape the pathway for not only us, but others. Choosing our words carefully for everybody is key, but for our closest loved ones/family is super critical. It begs a question: ‘What are people who speak negativity feeding their minds?’ I know for me a big one that He led me away from was the news. Your ‘brand’ doesn’t really matter if all of it is feeding the negative.

In the following months after surrendering my news junkie lifestyle, I noticed a feeder tube of negativity removed! In that still small voice I heard “you can eat a Twinkie everyday too if you want to, but it is junk food and not healthy for you”. The news can have you heavy with worry as a Twinkie can just have you heavy! While politics and news (even following prophecy news) is permissible, what are we doing to the love of God (in us) in the process? I am a talk radio guy too…now it is just sports or sermons, but it used to be a boat load of politics. Talk about negative confession affecting my day! In learning more about ‘who I am’ I found that the combative talk of the hot topics of the day were not productive to my day. I listened to a good 15 years of political talk (some might question the use of good in this sentence), but for the last 3 or 4 I have not done that or news. I would challenge you to detox it and enjoy the difference!!


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