The first question that pops into my head in beginning this word bomb is ‘what REALLY is inner healing with God’? My friends and I may throw it around, but do trust me, many do not go around saying things like…’hey dude, how’s the inner healing rollin’ today?’ or…’let’s do some inner healing over some Starbucks’…or…try this on date night…’how about we work on some inner healing between dinner and the 8:30 movie?’. Somehow there must be a way He takes us to our need for it, a pathway, previously unseen opening before us like an open road adventure. ‘Honey, I’m not sure I’m feeling like an inner healing tonight!’

I think we have all been there before. The crossroads of tough decisions bearing down on us. I know I do this…I give it a good wrestling in my spirit man (as if he needs the exercise!), perhaps so God knows I am meaning business here! I have heard it said and I kind of chuckle whenever I hear it “God hasn’t fallen off the throne dealing with your little issue”. It is something conceptually I have learned about Him and I find true-He doesn’t grade on a curve, and there aren’t levels of severity. He is Lord over the big and small and that covers it all. Why the heck we get soooo worked up over a seemingly bigger problem goes well beyond the size of my head. Why is it so challenging for us pea brains to accept the power of victory that is right there?

I don’t know, just talking out loud here, but it seems that God does utilize some truth anyway from the phrase ‘desperate times call for…’. See, don’t even have to finish that one, we all know it. There is something to the desperate getting healed in the Word. I always see the obedience in it too. When Elijah shows up to ‘get help from the widow’ both their minds had to be racing a million miles a minute! ‘Oh sure, this ends well, I have to count on this widow feeding me her last meal instead of feeding her poor sons who are about to be property of someone else’. I am sure the widow’s mind is equally interesting…’ya, this guy is some prophet…but I better obey…but who does this? Comes in here asking to be fed first’. I guess that was more of an outer healing…Jesus had encounters with several that I would more determine the inner healing. The guy he freed of thousands of demons and sent them to seweycide…I would say that is a darn good inner healing-to go from gnashing of teeth, chains, etc, to testifying what Jesus did…that my friends is a good inner healing day!!!

What is it that takes our heart from a cold, black stone to a bright fleshly pink? A person can change a certain amount on their own. It is one thing to protect yourself from what’s happened in your life, to make good changes, and to separate yourself out. It requires supernatural assistance to have a genuine change in your heart. When Jesus was preparing to leave he said ‘I will leave you a helper’. The helper is the Holy Spirit. That is one of the many benefits of believing in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is there to help you live in victory, healing, and get free. I have heard a saying from some mentors in my life: the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He comes when you ask. The unique thing about Christianity is the last shall be first. This means in this context that we must humble ourselves and surrender our baggage. If we were enough to start with, we would’ve already figured it out. He created a free will relationship that only works when we surrender and handed over to Him.


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