Who doesn’t like open doors when He really pushes them? Yesterday was a rush peeps! I had residents at work anxious to give me stuff (pie, treasures, etc!), a guy my age pushing the door wide open to receive the fuller Spirit…God just was awesome in that and I think I have a new bud too! God had already brought him in thru working with my wife. So I wasn’t a total stranger and had met him before, we had a lot of connection points. He was really pushing us to connect, I was almost resistant because I was supposed to be working harder! This dude is just pouring out one thing after another as if we was bros from way back! It was strange because I am not one to ask for stuff like this, but He knew how much this would all touch my heart with His! I agree with my brother’s take…when you match up a gift for your child to the love to go with it, you buy it and watch them explode with excitement! God knows His children better than they know themselves that is for sure!

Speaking of the ol’ blood pumper, that is why we be here…the heart. The heart is essential to physical life itself…it is also key for spiritual temperature. If our hearts are off we are a little cold temped there. It represents so many things in our existence! What does God end up judging as our total time on earth…what was in our hearts that was forgiven/not forgiven, and every deed that comes out of it. If I say to you “something’s not right with that dude, he has a black heart”, you get what I’m saying. I do believe in some physical correlation between a truly broken heart and a serious heart condition medically for instance. I’m not making Gospel out of that, one of those eternal truths verified in the sky! Ok, gotta highlight that…when we hit the mysteries peeps…”verify in the sky”.

I have a lot of stories to share yet about life from my view (the cheap seats). I want each of you to truly understand that God needs to remain that…God. I have watched many a good person throw themselves 100 mph into a wall trying to discover some mystery that they weren’t entitled to from the start. You MUST enjoy the process of change! God DOES NOT CHANGE but you better be. He is jealous and we are to be obedient. I have done flat crazy in the moment in the name of God and obedience. I didn’t have time to freakin’ contemplate the theological ramifications of blah,blah,blah! That is the other crowd…praying about what they might be praying for Him to maybe do!

I ask the question: What is the start of revival? It truly starts in the heart! I truly believe that is the heartbeat of the whole revival vibe, changing hearts as leaders first and then leading the change for others. Destiny of the heart…hmmmm.

Through our hearts He changes/rearranges/and shows us more! That is the concept of Re;Pink…a regeneration of our hearts in Him. As I was reading Ephesians 1 this morning my heart is like “whoa never saw that before!”…because He has opened up another part of me heart (yaaaa man can u dig it?). I am seeing a correlation between new revealed knowledge in Him and more of the gifts He has blessed me with.

In being consistent here…I think I am almost to the main point (hallelujah chorus)! Not that it finally is here, but that He is crescendo-ing nicely. How can you not enjoy the process!!!!???? I have been anxious to share what happened last week from Good Friday til about Monday, and part 3 will hopefully hit the mark!

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