Of the four parts I love this one the most. It describes the process we are supposed to be engaged in. He wants ALL of our hearts. We are to put it all in His hands.


I honestly didn’t think it was near time to start this thread. The ironic part of God is always…but does that matter? It actually brings me right to some meat to start us off with. What is the heart of God? What is it that moves His heart? Since we are created in His image, how are we so prone to struggle with knowing His heart? For some reason that seems an oxymoron, but then again I am too (perhaps especially the second half of that word). We all fight the daily struggle against the selfish nature. We get so far from His heart our rallying cries become “what about me?” and “why does this happen to me?”. Do you know how a particular lyric to a song can carry meaning for a while in you? “Can you hear the beating of my heart?” is a lyric from a War of Ages song. The issue I hear Him calling us out on is…can He ask that question to us?

Whew! Framing the first paragraph is always tough. One starts off with an idea, but then you second guess if you want to reveal the meat early or build to a crescendo. There is a second song thread running through my mind too…”revival in his heart, causes havoc for the devil”…a lyric from ‘the destroyer beholds’ by Mortification (good old grindage!). In piecing the two lyrics together as concepts, what does it point to? It shows that God and the devil are both after hearts. We all get the devil’s deal…attack the mind and get to the heart. If he can steer our thinking, he can grab some heart, eventually taking over mind, body, and spirit. If you talk with someone who has lived on the devil’s plan, they will tell you that these wars are constant. What God does is so amazing though, He skips steps! He finds a way to speak deep into a heart that makes a person WANT to give their whole self! Who can want to do that on their own? Only someone He has found a way to touch in their heart.

We all have a past with memories, events, and yes…most often wounds and scars of the heart. Life can be a mess not that easily cleaned up. He has led me through some dark places that I didn’t understand or even how I arrived there. Over time, He has revealed more about what my heart has led me into, why the results turned out that way, and what His true heart is (Truth). Good night, don’t our hearts just wander poorly through the dark when left uncircumcised?!!! And…like a bad Halloween skit, there is the devil leading us by the hand into deeper darkness! Until He works our hearts, our hearts lead us where we go. Thirty years as a believer, and the culmination of this just is becoming real. What further exasperates our wounded-ness? The selfish rallying cries for justice! Somehow it escaped our notice that we missed His heart for us to move on after the first wound (with no need for further pain). The cycle then continued to repeat itself and round she goes!

The question that often befuddles me is…if humanity is a pure expression of His heart, then why don’t we have any seeming draw to know His heart? He certainly desires pursuit, I understand that. He is truly God which means He is already perfect. He is all-knowing, which really is a relief, yet He is not often offended by our questions! I have had Him working my heart a lot the past few months. I would honestly say that two months ago my heart was half dead inside. I wouldn’t say I was depressed, just accepting the condition of my life with wonderful blessings, yet a deeper unfulfilled destiny. I realize now that His heart has not been my heart. In my mind, His heart should reflect directly through mine. I am highly limited until His heart takes over mine. A fully surrendered heart is not easy, or Christianity would easily rule! I do see one critical point to alignment with His heart…He wants to be pursued for who He is!

He does not care to bolster YOUR belief system. Our God truly is unlimited to description! I used to believe He called me to fill in some of the void for people in my writings…I now see He really is showing me how unlimited it really is! I tend to believe this point, although I also tend to believe it to be even more so against humanity. The smartest understanding of God tops out at 10%. The highest human understanding of knowing Him (we all have others we place higher up the scale… don’t we?) can only reach 10%. This is not holy math here, so don’t believe I’m offering anything other than a concept in this. If He is all-knowing at 100%, we honestly might be less than 1%! If that were the case, and it were closer to 1 than 10…how sad is the entire world of theology to Him.

In talking with a friend recently, He revealed another heart topic. We were asking a question: How could one still need more forgiveness when everything is completed at the Cross? In Him we walk in an ultimately unique relationship. He is already perfected and we are an organized mess! He is without flaw and unchanging, we are sinful and need constant changing in our hearts. It is a common phrase in my world: He doesn’t change but we should! In His unchanged nature He can call us to better. He can ‘work the clay’ as we say and call us to change our hearts in exchange for His. Time moves forward continually as this process proceeds. He reveals the next heart issue He sees for us to be in change with. We have all read the verse warning ‘beware a man prone to change’. This has more to do with our hearts willingness to stay pliable in the Potter’s Hands. He already sees our hearts as they are in perfect vision.

There is a little fight in all of us. We don’t want to quickly admit our flaws, do we? It can come across as weakness or un-American individualistic! Hey, sometimes the darn bootstraps break! He would allow that you know. If He doesn’t allow any testing in our lives, how can our hearts really be revealed? I can see now how He has strengthened me in my weaknesses as Paul refers to. Further being wired as a burden bearer with sensitivities has had its’ complexities to filter through! If I apply every burden to just little ol’ me, a heaviness permeates my spirit until I find a way to release it. This took some time to realize all this was happening. Throw in some wilderness destinations besides, and you will find some tough days. He revealed more hidden parts of my heart in this process. I see first-hand why He warns us to not trust what is in OUR own hearts.

Life has a way of damaging hearts too. What child does not suffer something from a broken home? Most Christian counselors agree that broken family affects the way a person views his/her heavenly Father. Only He can bind up these wounds that affect hearts. He may use others to speak in and I hope He does! Our natural body has great healing properties of itself. It is unfortunate that the Body of Christ is not uniformly known to do the same. I see the Body of Christ having many wonderful parts, but an incomplete heart. The amazing thing about our Father is His ability to use our hearts, even amongst the compartmentalized messes!


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