I wonder too how many people are wired to be intercessory prayer warriors and ‘the wise church folk’ have called them depressed or oppressed or whatever!? It is critical we seek what God seeks. He can bring you to the people He wants to have in your life. I think sometimes we accept second best from people. Let’s face facts, the American Church is filled with frosted flakes! Oh yes, we are all flaky at times and we even sugar coat that! We are like empty headed cheerleaders for God. We do our best Tonee the tiger routine for Him: ‘God is greeeeaaat’! People have great needs that get glossed over all the time. Trust me, none of my real needs ever got met in my first 37 years of ‘church as normal’! If verbage were food, I could feed all the world’s hungry, just with the useless sermons I heard! The empty words of false encouragement spoken to make me ‘feel’ better. I am not even using the productive words here! Oh, but we are impressed when we get a pastor who has a theological degree from (insert prestigious school here)… aren’t we? Sorry folks, I will trust someone who has never been to theo school, but has been through hell in their life and experienced a life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit anytime! I am getting off on a soapbox but… what least impresses me about someone with 6 letters behind their name is applicability. They expect everyone else to go and learn everything they did and they will have ‘knowledge’ too. So many of the academics of theo haven’t done anything else in their life but commit to ‘the pursuit of knowledge’! Ecclesiastes took that on straight! Look hard at how this all takes us further from His glory, honor, and worship! We end up debating who has the real deal!

If you get one thing from all my writing, let it be this: everything, I mean everything, is about the pureness of the Three in One! He has sent me to testify about a particular piece of the three. The Lord has made it clear: I am only sending you because the Church has lost sight of the Holy Spirit (and His work) and the world needs testimony about the power of the Holy Spirit to counter their dark spiritual cravings. If you don’t believe the world is craving dark spiritual things, take a look at the movies that are huge right now. The trailers alone are creepy to me! I was in the bookstore once, and the Lord left an indelible thought in my mind. I was walking through and noticing certain dark spiritual books (I do anyway). The Lord brought to my mind: See, they crave true spiritual experiences in their lives. The American Church has not been effective in delivering that, so the vacuum I created in them must be filled by something. I am coming to set the record straight! Only My Holy Spirit can give authentic spiritual completeness! The world will seek and seek, but not find it aside from Me. The work of the Holy Spirit is what brings the peace believers have. God wired people to be supernatural, not religious. My whole life’s restless journey found peace in the Holy Spirit.

There are two distinctly different groups He is talking to here. Group one is people who are supernaturally wired, but do not claim covenant with the one and only Christian God. I speak of those who have had supernatural experiences and are into: the occult/witchcraft, environmentalism, vampires, New Age, any non-Christian faith, or any spiritual experiences period. If you are reading this and this applies to you, I want you to honestly consider this. There are people all over this whole world that have left these belief systems and embrace true Christianity. These people would never want to go back to where they were! My challenge to you is this: if any spiritual path apart from Christianity were ‘good’, why would it not be enough? What did these who converted to Christianity find in their journey? No matter what you believe today, there are Christians that exist who used to believe it too. There are real reasons why. On the other side of the coin: I have yet to meet anyone who is truly a Spirit-filled Christian who left the faith for New Age, occult, or whatever! If they exist, they would be so rare as to be irrelevant! Whatever you worship must be Creator, giver of all life, and provide fulfillment.

Those who are supernaturally wired but want Truth and peace: your struggle continues because you’re trying to fill your ‘vacuum shaped hole’ with what comes naturally. But God is strictly supernatural, which means He is connects to us supernaturally. Whatever you do, DO NOT gauge what is real by what you see at church or on television. The problem is only God can show you what is real. What comes to your spiritual senses naturally is not provided by God. The ‘gift’ is, but not the application as it is now. The enemy of God appeals to s.w.p. (supernaturally wired people) by offering what seems like truth, but in reality is a cheap imitation. People are born with supernatural abilities that were put there by God. The church is SUPPOSED to be your place of refuge. I offer an apology to you if you’ve sought answers through the church and found none. What should be happening is that pastors/church members should be seeking answers to supernatural questions! It should be normal for people from outside the church to come, knowing that the church “may not know, but will try and find out through sources or prayer in the Holy Spirit”. Oh, don’t get me going on church here.

While nothing is overly simple, a simple truth for the s.w.p.’s here will be a good start. Everything supernatural that does not bring adoration and credit to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the work of the enemy of God (Lucifer, Satan). God created everything to be about Him. He even created Lucifer to be the worship leader, which is why he is so good at worldly music. God wants all the credit because He did all the freakin’ work! That is why witchcraft, Satanism, spiritualism, etc., is all limited, because it all lacks power and authority behind it. The cool part for you s.w.p.’s is that God still wants you back! He has saved many from the dark arts by making them realize He is the real power and gives what the others wished they could!

Let me not forget that I am amidst the dying cactus yet. The wilderness is quite large on this journey. There are so many things changing along the way. The harshest part of the wilderness came in these last six months (I have endeared the term ‘breath of the beast’). It has been an interesting trip from one solstice to the other. In the process, there are many things to look back on and wonder, smile, and maybe even cry. I think we all harshly judge the Israelites that died in the wilderness. We all say in pride, ‘I would never allow that to happen’ or ‘Why didn’t they just…’ ! One sure point the Lord has driven home with me during this w.e. is that my perspective is more the problem than a solution! We must keep in mind that it is rare for the big picture to be about us and our little problems. We can’t require God run everything through our personal ‘me’ filter so you and I feel all is right with the world.

This season has been the hardest one to define and even write about. The last paragraph is representative of several months break from D.F.C.. The deep scraping keeps one from wanting to express a lot of what you are going through, not to mention the sense it is part of a big move of God with many moving parts. Even now, after all these laborious months of struggle and contemplation, it is hard to ‘put fingers to keyboard’. It is all so ‘Ecclesiastes-like’ in scope. You see the process afterwards, but really are not sure how the steps went down the path. It is much like Isaiah 55:9: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts” (NAS). One aspect I am sure of: God is reaching deep into my soul to pull out the roots of my weakest areas. No human would naturally desire to ask for that, just praise Him for doing it and REALLY praise Him when it is over! Remember, we don’t have the option of skipping part of the trial by fire.

The first piece of revelation the Lord revealed to me about myself is a multi-layered one. I remember helping pray with others and the person leading said the phrase ‘emotional weakness’. The Lord tugged at me with that phrase. He told me that one was a deep root for me. I prayed it through and found that it had profound influence in my life’s path. I will cover some history and lead you back to the point. I was born on the 1st day of August in a land far,far away. Ok, maybe a little too far back! My wife and I both are finding out that the adage of leaving the past behind is truly not a good idea. The way God does His best work in our lives is in dealing with what has been, not just what is. Have you ever met someone and in one minute knew their past had shaped them dramatically? There are so many obstacles from our past that leave scars, create traps, and hinder our progress forward in Him. If one simply tries to blow the past off, a lot of baggage is coming with you!

If I take a hard look at just that one area of my life, emotional weakness, and see how much it has shaped it, I am amazed. I love my parents as anyone does. The issue here for me spiritually is what I am inheriting that needs balancing with the Word. My folks are both pretty emotional people and my moms’ side of the family highly so. My family members will be nodding their heads right now, thank you very much! I can be emotionally high and low in less than ten minutes. I have come to realize it is a part of my genetic wiring. It doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be improved upon.  The Holy Spirit will dig through your past to free you up going through that process. It doesn’t matter what your past is, it only matters that you and He can deal with all of it and make you whole.

The process He has taken me through lately is building trust in situations where my emotional weaknesses would rule the day. Resting in the Lord when all hell is breaking loose sounds easy right? I will pray to release that to you and you can find that one out! I listen to T.D. Jakes sermons fairly regular and one of the sermons had a phrase that just pays the bills all day long. He was talking about the mountains in our lives, the obstacles we have before us. He said in that sermon something along the lines of this: ‘We think victory is changing the mountain, but it is actually when the mountain changes you’! God is using our mountain to reform us and pull us out of whatever culture shaped us. I can’t tell you how true that really is! You go through that molding process and then you realize how much He has changed you! Yes, there are bad days when you are giving the wilderness Israelites a run for the money in the complaining department, but after you repent of that, you see the new you coming and what could be more beautiful than that?

He has taught me through numerous circumstances that I can trust Him, even when I flat out don’t ‘feel it’. We all have emotional leanings, some of us are naturally just stronger than others. The problem exists on the other side of the coin, some of you are way too emotionally strong! The Lord is all about balance in every category. The Lord spoke to me a lot through Hebrews 11:1-2: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the men of old gained approval” (N.A.S.).  My faith in that case is for better emotional strength (what I hoped for). The various things in the Spirit we are convicted of and do not see without the Holy Spirit’s help. I want each of you to remember this always: how can others get help for the same issue your struggling through if you don’t wrestle it through first? Every struggle I have had in my life has great potential! Yes, that sounds weird typing it too! Every problem/issue that the Lord carries us through has enormous potential to help others walk through it. This is where the power and strength of our testimony comes from. Your issue could help thousands! Tests and trials will come regardless. They have no regard for our pain, they are neutral, it is what He shapes in us with that trial that matters. My friends, the Holy Spirit is pouring out on this point, because I didn’t understand this until now too!




It remains complicated to pull a flow together for these writings sometimes. I simply know He wants me to share about my journey so it helps others. A piece He has worked me through in this whole process is a foundation of trust. In this particular case (my little life on earth), He has worked my wife and I through many layers about our finances. He has bailed us out more times than the government bails out banks! Through my glass darkly I keep thinking I am almost out of the woods with the finances. I have never had a lot to work with, but I was primed to do well if the economy had not cracked with the mortgage mess. When one goes through numerous circumstances and situations financially like we and others have, trust exists in something or Someone, period! You either continue your confidence in the American economy or in Jehovah Jireh!

    Prayer Thread: A cool little revelation the Lord shared that was huge in my life was “Praying the Word” (my term). There is a book I heard of right after He showed it to me called ‘Praying the Bible’. Can’t remember the author and I am sure it will vary some from what He showed me. There are times I want something ‘active’ to do with my prayer time. The basic concept is this: feel free to adapt it to what He tells you to. Take a book from the Bible such as Ephesians (I wouldn’t start with the Gospels). Take a good ol’ sheet of paper and pen (we goin ol’ school here!) and as you read, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit about any verse that you could ‘pray’ back to Him.

It took a lot of time to finish the New Testament of course, but I love going back to these verses I wrote out and praying on them often. It has a way of making the Word fresh again because you are taking a verse at a time approach, sometimes just praying on that one verse for the day! From what I have heard preached, our Hebraic roots are here. The Old Testament priests would meditate on a verse for chunks of time. I know the Lord can show anyone a lot out of a single verse! You can of course type out each verse on computer file if you want to be modern and all that. I pray blessings on you all in His powerful name!



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