But You Have To Know What Most People Don’t

And Believe It Can Happen!


Did you know?

    1. Our US congress can tell the US Supreme Court they do not have jurisdiction on certain issues, like what is marriage, or when life begins? “…the supreme Court shall have original…(&) appellate Jurisdiction,…with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.” Article III, Section 2, 2. It’s in the Constitution.
    2. The Congress has done that in just recent history but only to stop Supreme Court rulings on western state brush fires so the states can not be overridden!
    3. Judges who “legislate from the bench” can be impeached for “High crimes and misdemeanors”. ?Article II, Section 4, end.  Even lower gov’t levels can pass laws that say, “Judges who make rulings based on opinions or case law that are not based on the intended meaning of legally approved laws AND state & federal constitutions may be found guilty of a crime & removed (impeached) from office.”
    4. Married men compared to single men based on recent US statistics*:
      • Earn more money with a high school diploma, than singles with a college degree!
      • On the average are in much better health & live much longer than single men.
      • Have better relationships with their children than single fathers.
      • Say they are more satisfied with sex, than singles who cohabit!        Happy Author, Mr. & Mrs. Greg


  • The point of the above is that just based on statistics, gov’t should encourage & not discourage marriage!


    1. Single men compared to every other population group*:
      • Are in prison the most.
      • Dominate mental institutions.
      • Commit almost all violent crimes.
      • Are more likely to die of violent crimes or accidents.
      • Are more likely to die of ordinary disease in their age group than married men.
      • Are more likely to be addicts or mentally ill.
      • Are more likely to have anger management problems or be terrorists.
    2. Absent fathers are very common among single fathers and produce children who are*:
      • Much more likely drug users.
      • Much more likely mentally ill
      • Much more likely to commit suicide.
      • Much more likely to drop out of school young.
      • Much more likely to never get a diploma or degree.
      • Much more likely  to have lower income.
      • Much more likely  to have children outside of marriage.
      • Much more likely  to produce children with an absent father & repeat the cycle.


  • The point of all the previous two points, is that statistically unmarried men are the root of nearly every societal problem. Just based on indisputable statistical facts, Good Government, should always judge every law or policy on whether it supports marriage for moms & dads (traditional families) or whether it hinders marriage.


  1. Shouldn’t voters vote for candidates who say that every law & gov’t policy should be kept or dumped according to whether it supports or hinders marriage & healthy families?
  2. According to history which is stated clearly & referenced in “The Story of Liberty”, which is all based on real historical truth, our US gov’t is the first government in history to give so much liberty & the freedom to the “pursuit of happiness” to most of its citizens. It was a real revolution in human government, but it fell short of curing social ills, because government & education policies have helped destroy the family instead of encouraging & supporting it.


Needed is a new movement that demands that government work & understand that its purpose is to protect, encourage, & strengthen the foundation of society which is the family with permanently committed (married) fathers & mothers raising children who are happy, healthy & able to repeat the same good cycle.


MAJOR REFERENCE: Points 4-8 are based on referenced statistics from, “Men and Marriage” by George Gilder, and some common sense logic.



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ABOUT THE BUSINESS WEB LINKS:  I am not blogging to gain HVAC customers, but you are welcome to call if you are in my Michiana area. I list my business links for two reasons:  1.  You can find out something about me.  2.  It makes the small amount I pay my blogging help a legitimate business expense for honest tax benefits.


About the “Happy Author…” pic:  I met my wife in Uganda, teaching bible in her village as a “missionary” hosted in her parents home. We are a great example of the benefits & fruitfulness that comes from a good marriage. We also have the happiest family with four young children, that I have ever seen.


Why no scripture references & why I write:

I write about truth, because I am a son of God, & my passion is to rule the earth, as my heavenly father wishes it to be ruled; With mankind submitting to Kingdom of Heaven, rule of love, for all who are called to be His bride & proclaiming, “…the truth & the Truth shall set (make?) you free.”


I write about facts & statistics, not bible reasons, because most of those who believe the bible is our guide already know the bible reasons for what I say, but they & others do not know the plain statistics & history that fully support the commandments of scripture (interpreted in balance).  I want unbelievers, who may be turned off by “bible thumping”, to hear the facts. They & believers who don’t know those facts (most), may be greatly helped to know the full support of statistics, history, and life experience for the supreme values of family, individual freedom & responsibility, & the importance of speaking & expecting truth in every area of society.


Always telling truth is lacking & needed in the 7 Mountains of influence in society which are:  Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business, Church, & Family. Even the church does not know or teach the truth about why marriage is so important for men; therefore families, or the great statistics on how many ways men are changed by a stable marriage. Likewise they don’t know the characteristics of poverty mentality (my next blog) & how to end the cycle of mental & physical illness & crime for those in that class. Most families are just mostly ignorant about most of the well supported, indisputable statistical & historical facts. For instance, how many of you know that Great Britain led the way in speed in the industrial revolution (they grew the fastest), but they also had the strongest nuclear family structure in all of Europe?!


But if I share the knowledge & the experience that I have & the juncture of those two, by reaching a wide audience, it is possible to create a demand for these foundational truths to be the basis & practice of good government & especially the influence of the mountain of education, that profoundly affects every other mountain of influence.


That is my vision & expectation. The greatest buildings begin with a single shovel of dirt.

2 thoughts on “Good Government is Possible: Just like a great car or a good marriage

  1. Great read! Thank you for yet another awesome article Cristian. I just finished watching an awesome documentary on FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. It was very inspiring! Anyways, I really enjoyed all of the information and statistics you had in your article. Keep up the awesome work Cristian, glad to be following you :)!


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