The funny reason I am posting a lot these few days is…one of the few things I can do while home sick! This post is pretty ‘fat’ for a pearl. I can’t thank everyone enough for the likes, they make me 🙂 and keep me going!!

I know I say this a lot “the Body is designed to feed the Body”…but it has many layers. Everything the Body gives you has to be FUELED by Holy Spirit. If it is not, it is merely ‘well, this worked for me’ stuff…which is not truly affirmation. Sometimes we do share something that worked for us, but it must be Holy Spirit leading the charge to share that, not OUR wisdom. Affirmation in the Body is not designed to come from people, only sharing what the Holy Spirit says THROUGH people TO people. It should be life giving answers! And it should not create dependency on any one person. That is a major issue in the Church right now…people all rally around ‘their guy’. We should be quick to support our pastors, don’t hear me wrong there…we just shouldn’t be counting on his affirmation for everything…that should come through the Body. Simply put…we the Body are here to put fuel in your tank for your journey, not make a clone that looks like the rest of us!!!


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