R.W.B. Pearls 12-3-17 (#1)


I used to work maintenance at a retirement facility. Each year I cruised through 58 condos and 6 houses to flush the water heaters as part of routine maintenance. At the bottom of a water heater is the boiler drain, to flush the water out routinely (to clean the inside out basically). At the top, usually on the right hand side is a pressure relief valve. It is called a T&P in case you want the heck to know.

The water heater is designed with this so as pressure builds up in the heating of the water, it can from time to time release the air pressure. When that part is not working it may allow it to spit water all around. It is a safety feature essentially. He has plumbed us with a pressure relief valve too. It is the language of the Spirit, speaking in tongue/prayer language. So that our words don’t get in the way and we can speak as He speaks. This is by no means the only use for tongues, just one I share here. The pressures of life can push us to a point we need to release that spiritual pressure, and for me I have learned the essential need to do that. This last round for me showed me the importance of His guidance in releasing that pressure in my prayer language

R.W.B. Pearls 12-2-17 (#3)


Everybody here has a passion. We cannot all fully pursue each other’s passions except when the Holy Spirit leads you to. WE MUST know (or learn) who we are in a vacuum (just you and He in the prayer closet peeps!). Meetings are just overflow!!! Do you remember when David tried to wear Saul’s armor? How did that work out? Had to scrap that metal!!! The Word is clear that we are all different functions in the Body…Hand is not foot, foot is not hand. The Body is strong when we all are affirmed at our function in it. I have personally witnessed it too many times…people who don’t totally know who they are in Him try to be a hand or foot because the strong leader is that…8 feet causes stumbling.

R.W.B. Pearls 12-2-17 (#1)

The funny reason I am posting a lot these few days is…one of the few things I can do while home sick! This post is pretty ‘fat’ for a pearl. I can’t thank everyone enough for the likes, they make me 🙂 and keep me going!!

I know I say this a lot “the Body is designed to feed the Body”…but it has many layers. Everything the Body gives you has to be FUELED by Holy Spirit. If it is not, it is merely ‘well, this worked for me’ stuff…which is not truly affirmation. Sometimes we do share something that worked for us, but it must be Holy Spirit leading the charge to share that, not OUR wisdom. Affirmation in the Body is not designed to come from people, only sharing what the Holy Spirit says THROUGH people TO people. It should be life giving answers! And it should not create dependency on any one person. That is a major issue in the Church right now…people all rally around ‘their guy’. We should be quick to support our pastors, don’t hear me wrong there…we just shouldn’t be counting on his affirmation for everything…that should come through the Body. Simply put…we the Body are here to put fuel in your tank for your journey, not make a clone that looks like the rest of us!!!


R.W.B. Pearls 12-1-17 (#3)

Compartments of the heart reveal…

energies- what creates fatigue in our life? too much of anything is draining, we are created for balance- emotional drama, heavy work schedule/load, high focus on entertainment, self-focused life and driven-ness…also overdoing it…maybe doing it in our own strength?


R.W.B. Pearls 12-1-17 (#2)

When life gets hard I try to remember that God has His plan and we don’t need to worry how hard life is, because He knows what He’s doing. He has a plan for us and He has it all figured out! No matter how hard, we can believe in Him-God has a plan, knows what we’re doing and what He will do for us.

From a 10 year old!! (Daddy is proud!)