R.W.B. Pearls 11-21-17

I have no choice but to be wholly thankful for being an American!

We may have serious problems going on at times, but look at the many countries that could be renamed Crapistan!

Everyday I am humbled by veterans who sacrificed so much. Have you ever noticed how some vets just seems ‘beat up by life’? They literally do that so that we can go to our jobs, feed our families, and live a life of some darn good freedom.

Every group of men and women who protect us whether FBI, police, firefighters, armed forces, governments national and local…many of you don’t get the proper thanks at your crazy jobs!

R.W.B. Pearls 10-25-17

Can YOU follow ME where I go? Will YOUR need to know keep YOU out of ‘the know’? MY loved ones know when I AM moving and when I AM staying. YOUR destiny (where YOUR going) is created with people…NOT by people!!!

In MY kingdom there are only servants & lords- What have I said of the first and the last?

R.W.B. Pearls 10-22-17

This one came during a wilderness time in my walk with God. It isn’t often easy to get perspective on what is happening when you feel He is far away, so it is important to know when to move on closer to where He is. Kind of the cloud by day and fire by night thing.

A dry time-means no wine in the wineskin-for renewal needs to be rubbed with olive oil to make it pliable. We must go through a fast of His presence…all the wine poured out to be refilled (by Him). He will move so it causes you to seek and search for Him (alone)!